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Which Type Of Driveway Material Is Best For You?

Conscious homeowners always want what is best for their homes, whether it is choosing the right paint color or the perfect material for their driveway. They make no compromises and leave no stones unturned.

An elegant driveway can elevate the curb appeal of a home that can increase the property value. On the other hand, an uneven or worn out driveway can give the property an old and ill-maintained look.

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The biggest challenge for homeowners who want to get their driveway repaved is choosing the right material. With numerous materials available in the market, picking one is near impossible, especially if you have no idea about them.

Below are a few options that you will encounter in your search for the perfect paving material for your driveway.


Concrete is highly customizable; it can feature a range of designs and colors. It is cheap and requires low maintenance, but concrete paving costs are high because it is hard to install.


Like concrete, asphalt is durable and long-lasting. It is a very popular paving material that can be used in all types of projects like roads, freeways, parking lots, and in this case, driveways. However, asphalt requires regular maintenance and a new seal coat every three years.


Crushed pieces of shell (clam, oyster, scallops) can be used to cover the driveway for a different but beautiful look. The shells are generally white, off-white, grey, and brown in color. They are a cost-effective solution that offers excellent drainage since its texture makes it porous, yet it isn’t that long-wearing and is hard to clean.

Natural Stones

Natural stones are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. From a simple white look to an intricate pattern made from various colored stones, they come in several designs. Natural stones are highly durable, but they are also costly.


Though a cost-effective solution with numerous designs, colors, and sizes, pavers aren’t as durable as other materials on the list. 


Bricks give a more domestic and traditional feel to a driveway. The material is durable, but installation costs for it are high. Also, the price of bricks is high, although its repair is easy.


Cobblestones give a luxurious feel to a home. They can transport you back to the streets of Europe hundreds of years ago, or a driveway of a traditional historic mansion. A cobblestone driveway requires simple repair, but regular maintenance.


Gravel is not exactly something we would recommend homeowners looking for a presentable, elegant, or opulent look. It is better suited for the countryside. However, one thing is for sure; it is cheap and durable.

Chip Seal or Previous Concrete

Reusing your old asphalt or concrete by crushing them into the size of pebbles is a great way to save the cost of raw material. It is also easy to install and offers good drainage. However, cleaning is a hassle.

The best way to choose one material out of all the choices you have come across is keeping in mind your budget, durability of the material, and the look you are going for. Select the material that goes well with your creative vision, is right in your budget, and will last the duration till you can easily afford to repave.

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