Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall is the most damaging weather element for surfaces. It does not matter whether you have an asphalt or concrete pavement, driveway, or parking lot; snow clearing is necessary to maintain a functional, smooth, and attractive surface. If you fail to be proactive about removing snow from your pavement, it can result in cracks and potholes.

During winters, the freeze-thaw cycle kicks in, becoming the reason for the damage. The snow that melts during the daytime or due to deicing turns into water, which seeps inside the cracks in the pavement. When temperatures drop, the water turns to ice and expands, pushing the cracks apart, thereby accelerating the rate of pavement deterioration.

On top of that, frequent use of deicers and salt to melt snow can cause withering and spalling, which damages the top layer of your pavement. Property managers and owners mostly use deicing solutions (with harsh chemicals) and salt when a thick layer of ice or heavy snow cover the surface of the pavement, which is a result of not shoveling snow off the pavement timely.

If you want to protect your pavement from damage during the winters, then hire Surface Solutions for quick and timely snow removal. Also, they have an emergency plan devised and in place at the start of winter to provide you with snow removal services in case of an emergency during a snowstorm, ice storm, blizzard, or worse. For more information, get in touch with our representatives.