Crack Filling

When your roads and driveway’s surface show detectable cracks and chips, you know it’s time for some crack filling. Our crack filling service involves filling in cracks with a hot melted rubber material that acts as an adhesive binding the cracks together to prevent water seepage and debris buildup.

Getting your asphalt surfaces’ cracks filled or sealed is simply to avoid small cracks from stretching out and becoming much larger cracks. If not filled in on time, these cracks that appear small today can weaken and break open your surfaces in half, creating a probable tripping hazard.

Another danger of not filling in your surface cracks is the damage inflicted by the freeze-thaw cycle. A freeze-thaw cycle refers to when water freezes inside the cracks during cold temperatures and then melts when the temperature gets warm.

The constant freezing and thawing, or expanding and contracting of asphalt, causes the structure of your surface to weaken and disintegrate. By filling in these cracks, your roads and pavement will not be exposed to such threats and will perform well for a very long time.

What makes crack sealing and crack filling so approachable is its price point. This means you can get your asphalt surfaces back in tip-top shape without compromising on your budget. Our paving professionals firstly clean up your surface’s cracks from any built-up dirt, water, or debris. This is critical as not doing so will prevent the melted rubber from adhering to your surface’s structure properly.