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When Do You Know It’s Time To Repaint Your Parking Lot Stripes?

A highly significant yet often underestimated part of parking lot maintenance is repainting the parking lot stripes. Line striping in parking lots is there for a reason, which as a commercial property manager or property owner, you probably know about. And the same factors that make line striping essential are also those, which make repainting necessary.

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If you have not owned or managed a parking lot for long, you probably do not know when to repaint it. Below are a few indicators that it is time to repaint your parking lot stripes.

Sloppy parking

A significant indicator that you need repainting done in your parking lot is sloppy parking. If more and more drivers are parking their cars against the fishbone or outside the parking space, then it means they cannot see the lines.

Line striping is done to highlight parking spots, so drivers park correctly. Line striping helps maximize parking lot space, so no space is wasted due to inefficient and incorrect parking while ensuring that all cars can easily leave the parking lot, and there is still enough space left over for drivers to climb out without scratching neighboring vehicles.

Increased fender-benders

An increase in accidents, fender-benders, and broken taillights in your parking lot indicates that the stencils and lines might have faded. Lines alert drivers about where you need to drive carefully, while stencils show where they need to stop or wait. If these two indicators fade, drivers’ will have to depend solely on their own instincts.

Misuse of handicap spots

The law demands the availability of sufficient accessible parking spots and strict implementation. All drivers without a tag need to be penalized for parking in a handicapped parking space. People mostly respect the law for handicapped parking unless there is an emergency. Yet, if drivers are frequently ignoring this parking rule, the chances are that they do not know that it is a handicap spot. If drivers are repeatedly violating this law, you should get line striping redone.

Worn down wheel strips

When parking lot lines fade, drivers cannot stop in time, resulting in wheel strips’ damage and scuff marks. Essentially what happens is, when drivers don’t see the parking lot striping, they are unable to brake in time, after which the wheel strips disappear under bumpers and wheels.

Obscured visuals

Line striping is done to offer increased visibility even in the worst conditions, which is why bright colored paint is used, so it stands out clearly from under a thin layer of snow or rainwater during bad weather. However, when it becomes hard to spot your line striping, your parking lot probably needs a fresh coat of paint.

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