Your parking lot’s condition says a lot about how much you care about your visitors. A poorly marked parking lot with faded lines and signs will leave a very negative first impression on your customers. To avoid this from happening, businesses must step up their parking lot game and revamp their lines, signage, and arrow markings to improve their visitors’ driving experience.

Leave it to Surface Solutions to save your commercial parking lots’ reputation from declining any further. Our line-striping experts are incredibly meticulous when it comes to striping lines with utmost calculated accuracy.

We know just how critical it is to have beautiful ADA-compliant parking lots to boost your property’s standing. This is why we offer ADA-approved parking lot striping, vibrant-colored navigational arrows for vehicles, and entry/exit signs for pedestrian safety to establish quick, easy, and smooth vehicle maneuvering in the parking lot.

Let our striping experts come to your commercial property to re-stripe faded lines and signs to ensure your visitors are always given a warm welcome every time they drive into your parking lot!

Signage and Traffic Control

Most accidents occur because jam-packed roads don’t have clear (and large) displays of traffic signals and signs to guide drivers and pedestrians. To avoid accidents from happening on your parking lot – and to avoid damaging your business’s reputation – installing proper traffic control devices and signs is critical to creating a better traffic flow.

Our Signage and Traffic Control Service Includes

  • ADA compliance Signage
  • Specialty spots for employees and customers
  • Protective bollards
  • Parking lot bumpers
  • Speed bumps
  • Stencils and Lettering