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ADA Compliance For Parking Lots 101

Do you own a parking lot? Do you wish to get one constructed? Are you planning to purchase an old closed down parking lot and planning to get it fixed up? Whatever your plans might be, there is one thing for sure; owning a commercial property is no piece of cake.

It might add to your wealth, but there are certain laws and regulations you must abide by. That being said, you must have heard of ADA.

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As a prospective or current parking lot owner, you need to be well-aware of what ADA compliance is and why you need to ensure it.

What is ADA?

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law established in 1990 to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities in different areas of life. ADA ensures that people with disabilities get the same opportunities as everyone else by enforcing reasonable modifications to make their lives easier.

The main areas targeted by the ADA are employment, public accommodations, state and local government services, transportation, and telecommunications.

Why should you be ADA compliant?

ADA compliance is crucial if you want to keep your parking lot functional and don’t want any issues to arise because of it. Here’s why you need to follow ADA guidelines:

It’s the humane thing to do – There’s nothing wrong with helping out others or making their lives a little easier. If you don’t want to do it for them, then do it for good karma.

It’s the law – Not following something that is a part of the law can land you in hot waters. You can incur hefty fines, and if you continue to take no action despite warnings, your operations can be shut down and more! 

It can cost you – Anyone inconvenienced by your denial to fulfill ADA guidelines can sue you. And mind you, you will have to pay—a lot.

What are the ADA guidelines for parking lots?

ADA guidelines for parking lots include adding a specific number of accessibility spots, area specifications of accessibility spots, ramps, inclines, accessibility exits, accessibility lanes, signage (size, number, etc.), pavement markings, lifts, and more.

Find out all the ADA guidelines for parking lots because missing out even one can land you in trouble.

The number of ADA reserved parking spots depends on the size of the parking lot. For every 25 regular parking spaces, there should be one accessibility parking.

If the parking lot accommodates 501 to 1000 parking spaces, there need to be 2% accessibility spots. And if the lot can accommodate over 1000 parking spots, there should be 20 accessible parking spots, plus one for every 100 spaces.

Also, out of every six accessibility spots, one needs to be van-accessible too.

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