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4 Ways You Can Improve The Look Of Your Parking Lot

Be it a school, church, office, or shopping mall, parking lots are among the most functional additions to any building. Even in residential apartment buildings, parking lots add convenience and safety for tenants who own vehicles. 

However, along with functional and safety benefits, there is also an aesthetic aspect of parking lot construction. After all, a parking lot is the first place that people will notice when entering your premises. 

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Today, we will list down four ways to help you enhance your parking lot’s curb appeal.

1. Cleaning

A newly paved asphalt or concrete parking lot looks gorgeous. Still, it is your responsibility to clean it thoroughly and regularly. Regular cleaning helps avoid dirt and debris build-up, making your parking lot attractive.

Timely cleanup also enables you to detect minor signs of damage, such as small cracks, which can be rectified immediately without depleting your cash flow.

Stagnant water is another thing to watch out for when keeping your parking lot clean. We also recommend that you opt for professional cleaning at least once a year to remove hard stains like spilled oil. 

2. Sealcoating

Secondly, sealcoating is a necessary maintenance procedure to preserve the beauty and integrity of asphalt parking lots. Newly paved asphalt has a black-top finish, and you need to protect the surface from external elements to maintain that shiny appearance. This especially includes the weather conditions in Salisbury, Maryland

During sealcoating, we apply protective sealants on the surface to prevent water and chemicals seeping into the base and repelling harmful UV rays. A fresh round of coating every 2 to 3 years will ensure the longevity of your asphalt parking lot while also retaining its attractive appearance. 

3. Repairs

Moving on, while paving materials like asphalt are durable and long-lasting, they are still susceptible to damage. Regular wear and tear, local weather, drainage issues, and a host of similar factors deteriorate your parking lot over time. 

Common signs of damage include cracks and potholes. They not only ruin your parking lot’s appearance but also make it unsafe to drive on. Potholes, especially, can increase the risk of accidents on your property, and over time, you may have to pay a lot in damages. 

Moreover, cracks and potholes also invite water damage, which can lead to structural issues. For all these reasons, you need to invest in the timely repairs of your parking lot. Overlooking damage signs will have you repaving the whole surface sooner rather than expected.

4. Line Striping

Finally, marking the parking lot is not only a necessary safety procedure, but it also adds to the beauty of the parking area. Properly painted lines help avoid confusion and collisions. But over time, the lines can fade, or cracks may develop on them. So consider a fresh line striping to enhance the appearance of your parking lot. 

These are some of the best ways to maintain your parking lot. You may click here to learn more about Surface Solutions.

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