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Why Spring Is The Best Time To Sealcoat Your Asphalt Pavement

An asphalt pavement takes a severe beating during the cold and dry winter season. Snow accumulation and water penetration result in cracks that are vulnerable to UV rays and other harmful exogenous elements during the summer.

Many experts consider spring to be the ideal time to sealcoat the asphalt pavement. The summer heat can be unforgiving, and the presence of cracks and holes on the asphalt pavement allows it to wreak havoc on your pavement.

If you’re still unsure about sealcoating your pavement this spring, the following compilation of 4 reasons may help to change your mind.

Repair Winter Damage

Winters in the U.S can be extremely harsh and can result in moderate to severe asphalt damage. Sealcoating your pavement before the spring season is the best way to stay on top and ensure that damages don’t turn into something irreparable.

Sealcoating the pavement during spring helps you keep the damages in check and also transforms your property. As a property owner, it’s your job to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of your property stays intact, with the pavement looking fresh and well-maintained at all times, especially during summer. An experienced company like Surface Solutions in Pocomoke City will make your pavement as good as new with expert sealcoating services.

Weather Conditions

The moderate weather in spring helps in repairing damages and protecting the asphalt from breaking during summer.

The high precipitation levels and the severe cold during winters unravel the sealcoating you apply during the season. On the other hand, summer temperatures are scorching and prolong the setting process, while autumn comes with its own set of problems, including falling leaves and clogged drains. This leaves us with spring, during which the climatic conditions and the temperatures are the most appropriate for sealcoating.

Summertime Damage

Summer follows spring, and the temperatures can reach a record-breaking levels during this period. The extensive mid-July heat calls for you to prepare your pavement accordingly. Unprotected asphalt pavement can break away during the intense summer season, as the harmful UV rays wreak havoc on the surface.

Curb Appeal

Springtime sealcoating also gives you the opportunity to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Customers and visitors are likely to be impressed by a clean and hazard-free parking lot or asphalt pavement. The increased curb appeal can also add value to your property.

While the snow and dry weather during the winter season might hide your pavement’s actual appearance, all the cracks and holes will become sadly apparent during the summer season. This is why you need to eliminate all cracks and prepare for the summer season beforehand.

If you’re looking for a reliable asphalt contractor for sealcoating in Pocomoke City, then Surface Solutions is at your service. Our experts believe that spring season is the ideal time for sealcoating asphalt pavement, and they use their experience to prepare your surface for the summer season ahead.

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