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Why Is Crack Filling So Important?

Crack filling is a necessary procedure that extends the lifespan of your pavement. Cracks can appear on the surface for various reasons; however, not dealing with them immediately can escalate the problem, resulting in considerable maintenance and repair costs.

Regardless of how efficient the installation process was or how well you maintain the surface, cracks will appear on the surface over time. Opting for immediate crack filling measures can help you prevent further damage and save you from expensive repair costs.

In addition to saving your hard-earned money, timely crack fillingmeasures can also help prevent severe damages.

Why Is Filling Cracks Important?

Cracks expose the foundational layer of your surface to harmful elements, including sunlight rays and rainfall. Water from rainfall and moisture from the air can seep into the surface through the crack, weakening the entire concrete or asphalt base. Exposure to sun rays and the damaging UV light widen the cracks, causing the surface’s interior walls to deteriorate further. There are different kinds of cracks, the formation of each of these cracks is due to various reasons.

When to Fill Cracks

Crack filling requires you to be extremely prompt in your decision-making. Ideally, you should address the cracks immediately to prevent expansion and possible damage. Cracks that are wider than an inch usually require extensive repair. Regular inspection of the surface will reveal the extent of deterioration and crack width.

Timely applying crack fillingmeasures protect your surface from erosion and other problems. To put things into context, let’s think of cracks as scratches on the skin. Like the scratches, leaving the cracks untreated can lead to infections and – if still not treated – can lead to pavement damage.

Crack filling repairs the cracks and blocks all contaminants and harmful elements from entering the surface by preserving the pavement.

Types of Crack Filling Solutions

The solution used for filling the cracks depends mainly on the type of cracks you’re dealing with—the depth and size of cracks factor into the method used for asphalt crack filling. The most popular methods include:

Hot Asphalt – Hot asphalt is used for larger cracks with a width of more than 1 inch.

Hot Rubber Fill – This solution is ideal for more minor cracks that you can fill using hot rubberized fill material.

Cold Pour Fill – Cold pour fills are better suited for asphalt cracks as they offer flexibility and restore the pavement to its original condition.

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