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What To Consider Before Paving Your Driveway


Before embarking on any paving project, consider the cost. Different paving materials have different costs. However, do not compromise on your pavement’s quality, beauty, or durability simply because there are cheaper options available. The same goes for contractors. Never hire an incompetent or inexperienced contractor merely because they charge you significantly less than other paving companies. While there is no doubt that the cost is important, do not let it be the deciding factor in all matters. There are multiple costs in a project. Balance all of those for cost savings, and prepare a budget accordingly while ensuring that all vital factors are considered for excellent results.


When planning your driveway paving project, an essential factor to consider is maintenance. Knowing how strict a maintenance regime and care your pavement will require will help you decide which materials to use as different materials have different requirements. Infrequent maintenance can affect the durability of your driveway, so you cannot neglect your pavement’s needs. Thus, it is crucial to find out what it takes to keep your driveway looking its best and select your paving material accordingly.


Your driveway has a substantial impact on your property’s curb appeal. A paved driveway has significantly more aesthetic appeal than an unpaved one, which is one reason why people invest in paving. You can choose a paving material that best suits your structure and surroundings. Some paving materials have color, size, and pattern options or are customizable, like pavers or stamped concrete.

Weather Conditions

Taking your local weather into account when choosing a paving material is a crucial consideration to make as it can determine the life span of your pavement. Specific temperature and climate conditions can prove damaging for some paving materials. For example, if you live in a place with an ample amount of rain, it would be ideal to have a permeable driveway; you can opt for porous asphalt, gravel, crushed shells, and more. Similarly, you should not opt for pavers if you live in an area with drastic temperature fluctuations year-round because pavers will be damaged due to constant expansion and contraction with the change in weather. While you cannot fully preserve your driveway from extreme weather conditions, you can certainly minimize the risks.


Considering the steepness of your driveway before paving is essential for two reasons – to prevent flooding and accidents. If the driveway’s slope is directed towards the structure of your home, then surface runoff and rainwater will directly flow towards the structure leading to basement flooding and damage to the foundation. Thus, it is vital to check and correct the incline of your driveway through grading before you start paving.

Also, if you live in an area with uneven terrain and your home is on a significant height from the street, then your driveway will generally be very steep. While not much can be done about its steepness after the house is constructed, you can use paving materials that offer better traction, like exposed aggregate pavers, to prevent accidents. If the tires have a better grip on the surface, your car is unlikely to skid and crash into vehicles or pedestrians on the street as you will be able to brake on time and control your speed better. (Tip: Be sure to replace bald tires promptly.)


The durability of paving materials varies greatly, so if you are looking for long-term savings, choose a material that remains in good condition for a long time, like concrete. However, if money for replacement is not a point of concern and you are focusing more on curb appeal and other factors, then crushed shells can give your property a luxurious look. In our opinion, you should explore all your options and choose a paving material that provides a healthy balance between aesthetic appeal and durability.

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