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Top 4 Snow Removal Tips

Snow brings joy to almost everyone: children can build a snowman and toboggan down the hill. Adults enjoy the snow-covered landscape and think about their next ski vacation. But the initial euphoria often evaporates quickly.

At the latest, the view from the window of the snow masses no longer motivates you to go out. Because on sidewalks, streets, and paths, the winter splendor can also turn into a cold, wet obstacle and must be removed.

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To prevent slips and ensure safety during the winter days, consider following the top four tips to make snow removal a snap!

1. Use A Shovel

A shovel is the cheapest way to get rid of snow for small or medium-sized properties. However, not all shovels are the same, so feel free to try out different types in the shop.

The 24 “shovels will be able to lift large amounts of snow, while an 18” model will be better at pushing snow and more comfortable on the back with lighter individual loads. So, choose your shovel wisely!

2. Use Antifreeze Products

As temperatures rise and fall, any melted snow will create hazardous icy conditions for cars and people using roads and sidewalks.

Here, sand or gravel works well to prevent snow from freezing and give surfaces a grip – remember that they will leave a little mess when the snow melts.

However, not all defrosters are created equal, and you usually get what you pay for. For instance, sodium chloride or “rock salt” is the least expensive. Still, it is the worst product for the environment, masonry, and animal safety and only works in temperatures up to 15 ° F.

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3. The Snow Blower

Using a snow blower is one of the most convenient ways to remove snow from your property. However, some people may feel intimidated by this machine due to its size, but most of the models are very user-friendly. There are several types to consider, so be careful how much area you need to clear.

The most popular types are gas-powered and come in three different models. And, of course, their snow removal capacity depends on the purchase price. The greater the values, the more snow it removes in one go!

4. Use An Ice Pick/Scraper

An ice crusher is one of the most capable and neglected tools in the infantry of any icebreaker. It’s a relatively inexpensive item found at most hardware stores with a strong metal blade at the handle’s end to help you break through the areas where ice and snow have been packed.

Be careful to use it correctly and apply pressure away from yourself, vehicles, or anything else in the surrounding, as the blades could cause serious injury if they hit anything other than ice.

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