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The Plowers Guide To Asphalt Snow Removal In Salisbury

In Salisbury, we get our fair share of chilly winters and snow, and we deal with it like any other town would; by plowing the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. However, for efficient snow removal, you need to follow a set guide and pattern!

Surface Solutions offers first-rate snow removal services in Salisbury; we understand the significance of getting rid of piles of snow in time. To help you prepare for the snow that’ll fall this winter, we’ve compiled a brief snow plowing guide that will help you counter the intense cold and maintain your property.

How Does Snow Plowing Ruin your Driveway? 

The snow plowing process consists of a machine (usually an ATV) that runs over the snow and pushes it against the curb. Depending on how deep the mound is, this can take hours to complete – leaving you with a pile of snow by your driveway. When exposed to cold temperatures for several days, such as those experienced in Salisbury winters, heaps of ice will accumulate at the base of these mounds. Once spring arrives and these piles melt due to warmer weather, they’ll cause damage to concrete surfaces like driveways and sidewalks because their weight has increased significantly due to water content from melted ice.

Additionally, the heavy metal blades that drag through the snow can leave ruts and divots on your curb.

It’s best if a plow company deals with all of these issues before winter hits so that property owners don’t have to deal with any damage once spring finally arrives!

How You Can Avoid These Issues

A great way to avoid such issues is by sealing and filling all cracks beforehand. This is the best way to prevent further damage.

After sealing cracks in your asphalt pavement, it’s also essential to edge sidewalks and driveways with sand or salt so snow doesn’t get stuck underneath the blades of heavy-duty equipment during wintertime. Finally, try landscaping around these areas using gravel instead of planting grass right away; this way, there won’t be any issues caused by lawnmowers accidentally cutting into new growth!

Invest in Quality Snow Removal Solutions 

Often times, homeowners hire inexperienced snow removal service providers to reduce their snow plowing expenditures.

If you need a quality snow removal service, look for the following qualities:

  • Full-time staff members who are experienced in the art of removing snow.
  • Safety certification is always good to see on your potential plow trucking options before hiring them! This ensures they’re insured and know how to operate heavy machinery safely.

If you’re looking for an experienced snow plowing service that efficiently helps you get rid of your snow plowing worries in Salisbury, then Surface Solutions is the right choice for you. We’re the premier commercial and residential paving solutions provider in the region, boosting your property’s value using both traditional and advanced paving measures. Schedule a free estimate from our team now!