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Sidewalk Snow & Ice Slip And Fall: Who Is Liable?

Sidewalk slip and fall is the most common safety hazard around town. Slip and fall mishaps usually happen on sidewalks and pavement where snow piles up, melts, and frequently refreezes thus, creating thin sheets of slippery ice.

Since controlling the snowfall is in nobody’s hands, people may slip and fall in any area with excessive snow piles and no cleanup. Plus, holding a single party liable for all the slip and fall mishaps is purely unfair and unjust.

Besides this, snow clearing and disposal is no easy job. One needs to spend hours to keep the property snow-clean and safe for all visitors and passers-by. That’s why Surface Solutions is offering premium snow removal services in Seaford, DE, at budget-friendly rates. Click here, fill the form and get a service estimate from our professionals today!

Once you’ve hired our snow removal workers, you can clear snow off your property and prevent any future slip and falls.

In today’s blog, we will talk about how different parties can be held accountable for slip and fall accidents based on the condition.

1. Residential Properties

If any slip and fall accident occurs outside a residential property, it is not considered the resident’s fault. However, the property owner of that residence can be held accountable for the snow clearing process.

Moreover, if a slip and fall mishap occurs in the absence of the property owner, the victim cannot argue/create a dispute or fine the residents for the incident.

2. Commercial Properties

In contrast to the case of residential properties, owners or workers of any commercial property may be held liable for slip and fall accidents on their premises.

Here, it is the property owner or workers’ responsibility to warn visitors or passers-by about the slippery surface and take actions to make the space safe for everyone.

3. Government Properties

Since most sidewalks, where there is no residential or commercial project, are owned by the government, that’s where the most slip and fall incidents occur. This is due to the government officers’ negligence that the sidewalks aren’t kept clean and safe for the passers-by.

Still, one cannot file a lawsuit against the government for the injury they get by slipping and falling on the sidewalk. However, if the government doesn’t take any action to keep the sidewalks clean, individuals can take the responsibility and remove snow and melted ice to keep everyone safe. 

4. Snow Elimination Service Providers

Residential and commercial property owners often hire snow removal companies to do the snow clearing job as it is not a cakewalk for everyone. In this case, if the workers do not perform their job correctly, they could be held liable for any slip and fall injuries on the site until their work is finished.

If you are searching for a professional crew to retain the sidewalk’s performance and condition near your property in Seaford, DE, Surface Solutions is at your service. Click here to get a free estimate for snow removal service today!