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Sealcoating Blunders To Avoid While Maintaining Your Asphalt Surface

A sealcoating blunder is any mistake that can cause sealcoating to become ineffective. If you sealcoat your asphalt surface but fail to follow the correct steps, then it will likely not have the desired effect, and you will need to sealcoat again sooner than necessary.

This blog post will shed light on some sealcoating blunders that you must avoid to maintain a healthy seal on your asphalt surface.

Do Not Sealcoat a New Asphalt Surface

It might be tempting to sealcoat your newly laid asphalt surface, but it will do more harm than good. The sealant will seal the asphalt and prevent it from settling, which can cause ruts or potholes. If those problems go unaddressed long enough, they could turn into significant issues that require more work than if you had simply left sealcoating out of the equation.

To keep your newly laid asphalt in tip-top shape, wait at least six months before sealcoating it.

Do Not Sealcoat if the Weather Conditions are Not Ideal

Another sealcoating blunder that you want to avoid is sealcoating in poor weather conditions. Sealcoating requires a warm and dry climate, which means that sealcoating during the winter months or when it has recently rained will not end well for your asphalt surface.

Always check the forecast before sealcoating because rain can undo all of your sealcoating hard work. Asphalt sealer must be applied in warm, dry weather conditions to get the best results.

Do Not Forget to Clean the Asphalt Surface Before Sealcoating

Don’t forget to clean the asphalt surface before sealcoating! When applying a sealcoat, it is essential for all dirt and debris on your driveway or parking lot to be removed beforehand.

If there are any pieces of gravel stuck in the pores of your asphalt, the sealer will not adhere to the surface. This sealcoating blunder can also result in the sealant peeling off within weeks of application.

Do Not Sealcoat if You Don’t Have the Right Tools for the Job

If you sealcoat your asphalt without investing in proper sealcoating equipment, the sealant will not be applied evenly. Many sealer manufacturers require that seal coats are sprayed using specialized machines to ensure an even application across all areas of your parking lot or driveway. If sprayers are used instead, many parts of your surface may end up being sealcoated twice while other parts are not sealcoated at all.

We hope this list of seal coating blunders will help you make the right decisions and follow the right steps for your next paving project!

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