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Planning & Budgeting For Your 2022 Spring Driveway!

If you’re like most people, you probably started the New Year with a few resolutions. Maybe you want to save more money, get in shape, or spend more time with family and friends. But what about your home?

The winter season, the cold, and the snowfall can wreak havoc on your pavement. If your pavement and the parking lot have witnessed numerous winters, it is time you take active measures to ensure it withstands the changing temperatures. Once the winter is over and the sun starts shining brighter, the sinister winter elements like melting snow and hidden potholes may reveal themselves to present a passive picture of your property.

Planning for spring maintenance is a wise move you should consider now. So whether you’re looking to update your driveway in Salisbury, MD, with a fresh coat of asphalt or install a brand new concrete driveway, the paving experts at Surface Solutions have got you covered with the following tips!

1) Start Saving Now

Pavement maintenance is a significant investment that will require you to save up some cash. Please keep your eyes peeled for sales, coupons, and discounts, as they offer excellent opportunities to make this process more affordable. It would also help to ask whether you have enough savings to finance an entire pavement installation or surface renewal.

2) Ask for Multiple Quotations

Many companies in your area specialize in driveway and pavement maintenance. Ask your friends and family for contractor recommendations before making a final decision.

Get price quotations from multiple contractors to get a sense of the average cost in your area. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always mean better – choose a contractor who has good references and offers a warranty on their work.

3) Choose the Right Time for Spring Driveway Repair

It would help if you chose mild weather and the ground isn’t frozen. Paving at the right time avoids any potential damage caused by cold weather or thawing. Typically, the best time for driveway repair is in late spring or early summer. You need to plan tentative dates according to your schedule and the contractor’s availability. Remember to schedule a date when the contractor is not preoccupied with other tasks.

4) Identify Potential Problems

A pavement always indicates signs of wear and tear. Frequent cracks, potholes, or patches on the surface may indicate that it’s time to repair your existing asphalt driveway soon. Look out for these signs and list down the problems on a piece of paper.

When budgeting for pavement maintenance, you need advice from professional, experienced contractors who understand the conditions in Salisbury, MD, and the challenges that will come your way. Surface Solutions is a reliable pavement contractor that can help restore your pavement to its former glory. We offer quality asphalt maintenance services, so get a free estimate from our team now.