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Patch Your Potholes: 5 Ways They Can Harm You!

Potholes are a terrible result of neglected pavement and bad asphalt design. It’s an advanced form of pavement failure that shows up when the weathering course wears off, and the underlying pavement is subject to raveling from lack of a seal coat.

They are quite the problematic feature that is the reason regular asphalt & concrete pavement maintenance is stressed in the first place. Surface Solutions advocates regular maintenance to keep your asphalt surfaces in top shape.

Here are a few ways potholes are serious streetscape hazards.

Spread of Pavement Failure

Potholes expose the underlying asphalt pavement layers to further damage by water intrusion and weathering. As the cracks ensue and spread out, more moisture penetrates the asphalt, which begins a chain reaction of pavement deterioration and failure. In due time, your once appealing asphalt surfaces are all but ruined. Your business’s curb appeal is lost, and it reflects poorly on your ability to maintain your property.

Dented Vehicle Undercarriages

This issue can occur when a pothole is so deep that its edge covers the ground clearance and hits the undercarriage. Severe damage can manifest as chassis compromise or hits to the engine block. The ordeal can also affect suspension & axle integrity. Unless your vehicle is insured for such damage, you will have to deal with the high repair costs.

Trip Hazard

Potholes on sidewalks, driveways, crossings, and parking lots are a severe violation of ADA compliance. They are a potentially lethal trip hazard that can damage your heels, ankles, and knees. Such a threat to life should not be allowed to stay meandering on the pavement. If you have noticed such damaged pavement in your neighborhood in Ocean City, MD, please let us know how we can assist with repairs.

Vehicle Misalignment

Dropping into a large pothole can seriously damage your vehicle’s suspensions and potentially fracture your axle as well. The navigational stresses of traversing your way out of a pothole can also affect your vehicle’s steering capability. One hard turn can create the condition for a road accident if you haven’t kept up with your vehicle maintenance checkups.

Tire Damage

Potholes can cause much wear & tear to your vehicle’s tires. If a pothole is deep enough to expose any underground utility or pavement rebar, it can severely damage and ravage the tire. With the tire now flattened & torn, your metal rims are the next to bear the damage as they get dented while the vehicle moves out of the pothole.

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