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How To Maintain Your Asphalt Pavement As A Commercial Property Manager

A property manager’s primary duty is to maintain all aspects of the commercial property they are in charge of, including the asphalt pavement. A well-maintained pavement can add to the curb appeal of the property, which in turn adds to the property value. Also, it will offer a comfortable drive and safety to customers visiting your commercial property, impacting their overall experience. If you take all of this into account, you will see how imperative it is for commercial property managers to maintain the asphalt pavement. If you want to know how you can accomplish that, have a look at the guidelines below.

Set aside a budget

Developing your pavement maintenance calendar and setting aside an annual budget is necessary to see to your surface’s needs, the expected and unexpected ones. This way, you will have the funds whenever needed to commission a professional asphalt maintenance or repair project. However, if you do not create a budget beforehand, it could take you significant time to gather the money needed for an asphalt repair project, during which time the damage is likely to get worse.

Carry out regular inspections

Proper pavement maintenance is only possible if you know what is wrong with your pavement in the first place. The only way you can make an informed decision based on its needs is to carry out regular inspections of your pavement. If you want a more accurate or detailed assessment of your surface’s condition, then procure the services of an expert asphalt contractor. Their experience dealing with asphalt surfaces will help them identify the exact issue plaguing your pavement and causing pavement distresses. They can even identify underlying problems that you might not be able to pick up on. The sooner a problem with your pavement is identified, the quicker it can be fixed, which will save you from substantial repairs and even early pavement failure.

Clean it regularly

A clean pavement is less likely to suffer damage as many harmful elements would be removed from the surface. However, if debris enters into the cracks in your pavement, it will likely increase the damage. Also, if stains (e.g., engine oil, fuel, paint, beverages, mulch, etc.) are not removed immediately, they can cause substantial damage, even damaging the layers from the inside. You need to use the correct cleaning tools and techniques, or you might end up adding to the already existing damage. Power washing a stain, using a hard brush to scrub the surface, or using harsh chemicals for cleaning are all examples of wrong washing methods!

Sealcoat the pavement

Sealcoating is an essential preventive maintenance procedure, which can secure your investment, allowing you to enjoy your asphalt surface for a long time. By sealcoating, a protective layer is formed over the surface that can expand and contract with the asphalt during temperature fluctuations and offer protection against damage from UV rays, snow and ice, deicers, salt, chemicals, fuel, stains, and more. In addition, the sealcoat prevents any moisture from permeating through and into the pavement, thereby stopping damage from the freeze and thaw cycle. Since sealcoating protects the surface against damage, you will not have to spend on repairs. Also, your pavement will offer optimal functionality and add to the curb appeal, which will increase your property value.

Stay proactive about repairs

Timely asphalt repair is imperative for maintaining the structural integrity of your pavement. A weakened, damaged pavement is susceptible to further damage. Minor cracks, if ignored, can evolve into more significant damage like potholes. Thus, if you want to prevent costly repairs or pavement failure, you need to invest in immediate asphalt repair.

Restripe when necessary

A key aspect of commercial pavement maintenance is restriping. You, as a commercial property manager, need to get restriping done as soon as your old pavement markings and line striping start to wear off. Line striping is performed to enhance safety on a pavement by providing drivers and pedestrians the necessary directions. If any accidents occur on your commercial property due to worn off line striping, you can be be held liable. Quality line striping also enhances the beauty of your property, so it is worth the investment.

Diligently remove snow

Snow removal is an essential part of winter pavement maintenance. Not only can snow cause damage to the asphalt pavement, but it can also make your property inaccessible, leading to downtime for your business. Furthermore, you can be sued for any accidents (slip and fall, fender benders, etc.) that occur on your property due to your negligence in removing snow (accidents could occur due to barely visible line striping slippery ground, etc.). Thus, you should hire a professional snow removal company to keep excess snow off your property.

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