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How Does Snow & Ice Affect Your Pavement!

Ever wondered what you would find beneath the layers of snow, melted ice, and salt on your paved surface? Will the surface still look newly laid and paved, or would you find crumbling, cracks, and dangerous potholes?

As a property owner, feeling concerned about the asphalt or concrete pavement’s condition and performance after the long winter season is understandable. However, you need to focus on the structural integrity and surface longevity to ensure the pavement doesn’t deteriorate before its expected service life.

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Know that whenever winter comes, your asphalt or concrete pavement is in danger. What’s their biggest enemy, you ask? Simple, it’s snow!
What Kind Of Damage Does Snow Cause To Concrete And Asphalt Surfaces?
For concrete, the snow can do great harm to the binding materials and cause the surface to crack. If overlooked, the cracks can turn into significant potholes and require costly repairs, including concrete resurfacing.

So, it’s high time to get a close look at your concrete surfaces if you haven’t in a while. The pavement will reveal specific hints if the harshness of winter has affected its durability or condition in any way.

For Asphalt, the piles of snow, ice storms, and deicing chemicals used to melt snow can damage the structural integrity of the pavement.

Therefore, post-winter, it is essential to perform asphalt repair services to bring back the pavement to its original condition. On the other hand, just before the next winter season hits, ensure using preventative maintenance measures to prevent premature deterioration of the surface.

Symptoms of Snow Damage on the Pavement

1. Crumbling around drainage areas and manholes

2. Significant and more severe cracks than before

3. Alligator cracking and scaling

4. Potholes and spalling

5. Snowplow scraping damage

Undoubtedly, a severe freeze-thaw cycle is the leading cause of these damages. If you’ve not run a maintenance check recently, inspect the pavement for depression cracks and potholes.

Otherwise, the melted ice or water can seep under the pavement surface during the winter season, causing damage to the sub-base foundation. Therefore, it is essential to perform concrete or asphalt repair on time to preserve the durability and integrity of the surface.

Moreover, experts advise repaving or replacing concrete pavement as soon as the surface is worn out or shows signs of distress. Remember, cracks and potholes will not fill or repair themselves, so you will have to take measures immediately.

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