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How Asphalt Problems Arise From The Wrong Sealcoating Strategy

Asphalt seal coating is a necessary part of maintaining your asphalt surface. It protects it from the elements and helps preserve the pavement’s integrity and appearance. The problem with this process arises when it is done incorrectly or infrequently. If you want to avoid having problems down the road, ensure that you follow a strategic approach to seal coating your asphalt pavement!

1) When Should I Seal Coat My Pavement?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when it comes to asphalt sealing. The best time to seal coat your pavement is during the spring or early summer months. You should seal coat asphalt pavement after removing the excess material on top and cleaning the surface!

When you notice cracks developing in your pavement, it’s time to seal coat. The best time for this is immediately after the cracks first appear so that you can ensure you get an excellent crack-sealing product in there before anything settles.

Remember not to do any heavy construction or paving during the mid-summer heat because asphalt gets very hot! You could end up with significant damage if something goes wrong while applying a sealant over freshly laid material.

2) Not Seal Coating Frequently

Many property owners believe that seal coating once every five to six years is sufficient. The problem with this approach is that a sealant does not work unless applied every couple of years during the lifetime of your asphalt pavement. If you don’t reapply every two years, then the old layer will wear out and start to absorb water again, leading to all kinds of problems down the line, including graveling, potholes, erosion, & breaking up from freeze/thaw cycles!

For best results, always hire a professional company like Surface Solutions for seal coating your pavement.

3) Avoiding Seal Coating Can Increase Repair Costs

If you opt not to re-coat your asphalt pavement, then the surface will eventually absorb too much water over time. This causes it to develop cracks and potholes, leading to more expensive repairs down the line, including new layers of asphalt!

Not seal coating the asphalt pavement can cause cracks to widen and water to seep in, causing other problems. The pavement can deteriorate to a point where you need to either resurface or repair the entire asphalt pavement. This can be costly and may eat up a considerable sum from your savings.

You can avail of the services of Surface Solutions to devise a seal coating strategy that ensures your pavement’s durability and boosts your property’s value. Our economical concrete and asphalt maintenance and repair services assure that you enjoy the long-lasting benefits of efficient surface management.

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