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Asphalt Damage: The Effect Of Rainfall On Pavement

The temperature and weather play a critical role in the formation of an asphalt surface. Adverse conditions can significantly reduce the lifespan of the surface, while regular maintenance ensures it sticks together.

Ultimately, the result of a perfectly paved and smooth asphalt surface depends on how cautious you are during preparation and in its initial stages.

Given the weather in Cambridge, MD, heavy rainfalls can drown all your efforts in forming your surface, especially if you are unaware of the damages of rain on asphalt.

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As we all know, asphalt surfaces are vulnerable to rain and harsh weather conditions. The durability and performance of asphalt surfaces are severely challenged due to rain. This is the main reason why your asphalt surface needs regular repair and maintenance.

Rain and Asphalt

Avoiding rain or preventing it from falling on a surface is realistically impossible. The rain outside also requires halting all asphalt projects and postponing it to future dates because the wet ground and the inclement weather are not ideal for asphalt surfacing.

Asphalt and rain don’t go hand in hand because asphalt contains oil, which is a natural repellant of water. The contact of rain and freshly laid asphalt causes oil to emerge to the surface.

The emerging oil puts the quality of the project at risk. The aesthetics, stability, and durability of the project are all compromised due to rainwater seeping in. The surface starts housing potholes and cracks that carry on crumbling continuously. However, the cracks and damages can also occur when you install asphalt on wet ground, so with asphalt, patience is always the name of the game.

Preventing Asphalt Damage

High-quality asphalt pavement perform well and offer longevity. Effective installation is crucial to getting the ideal results. The idea should be to lay a solid foundation that does not erode as quickly as other surfaces.

Like all other construction projects, asphalt surfaces also require attention and consistent inspection. Ignoring apparent signs and leaving the surface at the hands of nature can be deadly for the project. Not only does this damage the surface, but it also has a significant impact on your budget. So, make the right choice and spend wisely on your asphalt pavement installation and maintenance.

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