About Us

Christopher Filippelli, the founder of Surface Solutions, discovered his passion for paving properties in the year 2012 when he first started his job carrying buckets of driveway sealer for a local company. After three years of watching, learning, and working on the various techniques of installing asphalt structures and sealants, he realized this is something he could pursue as a full-time career.

And this is when Filippelli evolved into a young and successful entrepreneur doing what he thrived best in; running a paving contracting company.

Surface Solutions was initially called Peninsula Sealcoating when it first launched in April 2015. However, after much extensive research carried out on the demand for full-service exterior property services in Eastern Shore, Filippelli rebranded his company in 2019 to ‘Surface Solutions’ as a means to establish his brand as purely solution-oriented.

Before that, however, in the year 2017, Filippelli worked his way through the challenges of putting forth outstanding paving and sealing services by securing additional funding to purchase exclusively-manufactured equipment. This equipment, produced only for the sealcoating industry, was bought to master the art of paving and provide unmatched quality workmanship to his valued clients.

Peninsula Sealcoating, now Surface Solutions, has continued to excel in providing a broad selection of asphalt repair and maintenance services to its customers in Lower Eastern Shore.

Surface Solutions is a testimony to all young individuals who dream of excelling in their start-ups. Once a small, family-owned business has crossed all bounds in terms of success, recognition, and providing top-notch customer service to its valued clients!

We at Surface Solutions work with integrity, discipline, and honesty to deliver excellent craftsmanship, accommodative pricing, and speedy customer service. We stand by investing our time and effort in constructing long-lasting and beautiful residential and commercial pavement that you can rely on!

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