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5 Tips For Parking Lot Sealcoating

As the summer season is around the corner, now is the time to perform much needed maintain on your parking lot. If you want to increase your pavement’s life span, you might need to sealcoat it. Moreover, asphalt sealcoating also enhances a property’s aesthetics and sets an excellent first impression on your visitors.

However, before you start sealcoating your parking lot, you should review some tips and guidelines to get the very best results!

Well, here are some things you need to keep in mind before and after you apply the asphalt sealer.

1. Check the Weather Forecast

Make sure whenever you plan to sealcoat, the weather is warm and sunny. The ideal temperature should be around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid scheduling sealcoating projects during rainy seasons.

2. Repair Potholes and Cracks

Potholes and cracks are dangerous for your property as they tarnish your company’s image and cause hurdles for visitors. Cracks can also damage the base of your parking lot and may further deteriorate over time.Therefore, before you apply sealcoating, make sure you repair any cracks and potholes.

Also, trim any mosses or grass. Or else when your parking lot is sealcoated, the surface will be uneven.

3. Clean Before Sealcoating

Never sealcoat a dirty surface. The dirt will get mixed with the coating and will not give the best results.

So, before you apply a layer of sealcoat, make sure the surface is clean and free of any dirt particles, debris, stones, or mud. Also, look out for oil stains and wash them off with a detergent.

4. Prepare the Surface for Sealcoating

Once you have cleaned the dirt and debris from the surface of your parking lot, it’s time for the real work to begin.

Before applying a layer of sealcoat, let your parking lot dry for at least 2 hours. Then mix the sealcoat thoroughly, leaving no lumps behind. Then you may apply a thin layer of sealcoat so that it dries quickly and without any bumps and or unevenness.

If you want professional quality results, you might want to hire an experienced contractor to give your parking lot a long-lasting finish.

5. Now Sit Back and Relax!

Once the surface is sealcoated, leave it to dry for at least 30 hours or more. This requires some patience, but the results are well worth the wait.

Meanwhile, make sure that you keep any traffic away from the sealed surface. Moreover, to get the best results, keep liquids away from the area and avoid watering plants, or use sprinklers. 

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