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5 Questions To Ask Your Paving Contractor Before Hiring Them

Whether it’s a driveway or parking lot, a paving project is a major undertaking for any property owner. And hiring the right paving contractor determines how smooth and satisfactory the project will be. 

In today’s blog post, we list down five questions that will help you choose the right paving company. Or you can simply click here to get a free paving quote from Surface Solutions, your trusted contractors in Berlin, Maryland.

1. How Long Have You Been Paving?

When it comes to pavement construction, experience is a must. The contractor you choose must have a demonstrated history of completing the kind of projects you are planning on your property. In short, skilled and experienced professionals help put your mind at ease.

The amount of years a contractor has is a reliable indicator of the quality of their work and their ability to meet challenges along the way. Most importantly, a paving company that has been around for a while will also be there when you need repairs and follow-up procedures. Stay wary of new and inexperienced contractors, no matter how cheap their quotations are.

2. Can You Provide References?

The number of years proves nothing if the contractor doesn’t have satisfied clients who can vouch for his work. That is why you should ask for references for the contractor’s previous work.

Of course, reliable and professional contractors will always have references and customer reviews available on their website before you even ask them. Be cautious of contractors who hesitate to disclose their previous clients.

3. Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Moving on, you should be upfront with your contractor when requesting a quote. Be clear about what the quote includes. Of course, there is no such thing as an accurate quote, and the total price may be higher than the estimated. But reliable contractors are open about what they are charging and will never surprise you with hidden fees later on. 

4. What Additional Services Do You Offer?

When it comes to paving projects, it is always best to work with one contractor who can provide end-to-end services. This saves you the headache of juggling between different contractors. Most property owners are looking for asphalt paving or repairs when hiring a contractor. Still, it helps to know if your contractor also works with concrete and pavers. This will only expand your options in the long run. 

5. What Is Your Service Area?

Finally, you should ask your contractor about the areas he serves. We strongly believe that paving contractors should limit the areas where they offer their services. This not only equips them with local building knowledge, but it also helps them to concentrate on each job they take. That’s why at Surface Solutions, we focus on Berlin and the Maryland area.

We offer over a decade’s worth of paving experience, and we have more than 300 successful projects under our belt. Click here to receive a free quote for your next paving project.