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5 Must-Do Maintenance Activities For Your Parking Lot

A parking lot that is not well-maintained may turn customers away from your property. An unkempt parking lot makes customers uneasy and forms the wrong impression about the business. So, keeping the parking lot in top condition is good for your customers and business.

This blog post will discuss five maintenance activities you should perform to improve the appearance of your parking to attract more people to your business.

Filling the Cracks

If you notice cracks in your parking lot, it is critical to get them fixed right away. Once the asphalt surface has been damaged, water can seep into the base and slowly deteriorate the asphalt, leading to large cracks and even potholes, which are more expensive than regular repairs.

When cracks in asphalt pavements become larger than 2.5 millimeters, crack filling is used as a quick solution to fill them and reduce water penetration, which may cause the pavement to expand further. The debris is cleaned from the cracks using a blower or vacuum then hot rubber is poured into the crack to reinforce it.


Sealcoating is an effective way to reduce the harmful effects of water, oils, and UV damage while extending the lifespan of your parking lot. In addition to preventing UV rays, oil, water, etc., from damaging the surface, sealcoat application also provides an aesthetically pleasing slip-resistant surface that beautifies the parking lot.

Cleaning the Parking Lot

If you don’t regularly clean your pavement, silt and dirt can build upon it. This will damage the surface of the asphalt because debris is abrasive to surfaces. In addition to preventing blockages in sewers, removing these particles from a driveway or parking lot also reduces puddle formation, which damages the asphalt even more quickly than normal wear-and-tear ever alone.

Ensuring that Your Parking Lot is Well-Lit

A well-lit parking lot enhances safety and security while increasing aesthetics. You should use lighting that ensures maximum visibility in all weather conditions without compromising on energy efficiency.

LED lights have lumen packages that can easily match the output of HID bulbs. However, LED offers energy savings of 50% to 80%. The quality of light produced by LEDs is superior compared with other types because it has a more natural color temperature range and flicker-free operation.

Clear and Well-Placed Parking Lot Signage

The importance of parking lot signage can be summarized in three words: compliance, safety, and traffic control. These signs help keep pedestrians and drivers safe and guide them through the facilities safely. Parking lines are also an integral part of the pavement markings. The parking lines should be repainted as soon as they start fading. Your parking lot in Cambridge, MD, can avail the premium line-striping services of Surface Solutions.

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