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5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Asphalt

Asphalt is a popular paving choice in the US, as more than 90% of surfaces are paved using asphalt pavement. Homeowners in Pocomoke City, MD, prefer installing asphalt pavement for a variety of reasons. The low carbon footprint and the recyclability make asphalt a favorite of environmentalists. Additionally, the affordability and ease of asphalt construction slide things considerably in asphalt’s favor, making it the number one choice of most Americans.

However, the use of asphalt is not limited to the convenience it offers. This blog post lists five exciting facts about asphalt that highlight why it is the favorite construction material of property owners and contractors alike.

Helps with Drainage

The pavement is explicitly designed to assist drainage; a parking lot or driveway full of water puddles is dangerous to use and reduces your property’s value. Porous asphalt facilitates drainage on surfaces, thanks to its natural properties. Porous asphalt surfaces naturally absorb precipitation and help manage water run-off, acting as a natural barrier to excessive flooding. 

Reduces Grass Growth

Grass is not what you picture when you think of an asphalt surface. A solid landmass glistening under the sun covering a large area is what comes to mind when we think of an adequately paved asphalt surface. However, even a well-compacted asphalt surface comes with 10% air voids, helping in grass and weed growth. So, if you are confronted by a small patch of grass on your asphalt surface, don’t panic; spray a grass or weed killer solution on it to get rid of the patch. 

Reliable Since the 1870s

William Street outside of City Hall Newark was the first American road paved with asphalt in 1870. The excellent usability of the asphalt surface impressed everyone, including those in the power corridors at Washington. As a result, Pennsylvania Avenue (White House) was next in line in asphalt pavement history. Since then, there is no looking back as slowly and steadily asphalt paving has become the number one choice for all Americans.

Improves Efficiency

The Federal Highway Administration concluded that smooth asphalt helps in assisting a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. According to their report, the smoother the asphalt surface, the better the fuel efficiency. The smoother pavement helps reduce fuel consumption in trucks by 4.5 percent!

Found in Lakes

Even most construction experts and contractors are unaware that lakes and rivers are home to asphalt. Pitch Lake in Trinidad and Tobago is home to the largest natural asphalt deposit. According to an estimate, the 100-acre lake contains around 10 million tons of asphalt.

Most paving contractors are unaware of the facts mentioned above about asphalt surfaces. However, we know our products inside-out at Surface Solutions, which makes us better equipped to deal with all kinds of pavement problems in Pocomoke City, MD. We offer premium sealcoating and asphalt patching services at economical rates. Get a free estimate for the services we offer!