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4 Spring Maintenance Tips For Concrete Driveways

Spring is just around the corner! But regardless of your excitement for the flowers to bloom and the weather to change, don’t forget to check up on your concrete driveway!

Why? Chances are that it took a heavy beating during the winter season’s temperature swings.

What might appear as a minor problem in the concrete driveway for you can deteriorate further and cause severe driveway distress! Therefore, a proper concrete driveway maintenance procedure is required to repair the winter spoils while also preparing the driveway for the spring season ahead.

The following four maintenance tips can help you nip all concrete damages in the bud and make your driveway look as beautiful as ever this spring.

1. Start with Cleaning

The first step to fixing your driveway’s condition is by cleaning it. Sweep away all branches and leaves so that you can closely inspect your driveway’s surface. During the inspection procedure, you need to check the surface for mold, mildew, or algae growth. The presence or growth of these natural elements can make the driveway slippery and affect its appearance.

Also, inspect the surface for moss growth. Moss can damage the concrete surface and accelerate crumbling and cracking, causing permanent damage to the driveway’s surface.

However, a gentle scrub-free cleaning procedure is enough to get rid of all these problems. Thorough cleaning of the driveway removes all unwanted plant and algae growth, keeping them away for more than a year.

2. Perform Surface Inspection

Now that you have cleaned the driveway surface, it is time to check for its health. Check for areas where water pooling occurs after the rain and level them out to drain appropriately.

Next, locate areas with excessive weed growth or crumbling concrete. Ignoring any of these signs can lead to severe damage in the long run; address them straight away to avoid huge repair costs.

3. Repair and Reseal

Once you have identified all problem areas, it is time for you to begin the repair process. Pull out the weeds and apply concrete paint for small cracks. A sealer can come in handy for the larger cracks; however, you must give a 24-hour drying period for the sealer to take effect.

4. Call the Professionals

If you require professional concrete driveway repair services in Ocean City, MD, you should contact the best in the business! Surface Solutions ensure that your concrete pavement is ready for the spring season by carrying out intense maintenance and repair measures.

We protect your investment by extending your concrete driveway’s lifespan with our professional installation and maintenance techniques. Get an estimate for our services today!