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4 Reasons To Install Protective Bollards On Your Commercial Property

Do you want to protect your commercial property from potential accidents? Do you want to guarantee that people are safe at all times when they visit your property? If so, protective bollards can serve as a protective measure for any commercial space.

Protective bollards are effective barriers to safeguard pedestrians from vehicular traffic. They can be used on sidewalks, in front of buildings, and other places where there is a high risk for pedestrian injuries or fatalities due to vehicle collisions. Bollards are typically made out of steel or concrete, and they have protective posts that go up to about four feet high.

This post will discuss four reasons why you should install protective bollards on your commercial property!

1. They Promote Pedestrian Safety

Protecting pedestrians from potential vehicular collisions is one of the primary purposes protective bollards serve. They are designed to protect people by stopping or redirecting a vehicle before it can hit anyone. They serve this function much more effectively than any temporary measures such as cones or barriers.

Protective bollards come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the most suitable protective bollards for your commercial property.

2. Make a Positive Impression on Visitors

Another purpose protective bollards serve is to make a positive impression on visitors. People can gauge so many things from the outside of your building, and if you want them to have a good opinion about the quality of your business or how much they will enjoy being inside, protective bollards can help. All you need to do is to choose the perfect protective bollards for your commercial space. 

3. Offer Traffic Calming Measures for Safety Purposes

Protective bollards are an inexpensive and effective way to protect urban areas from vehicle collisions. They can be used as temporary protective measures or they can be permanently installed on sidewalks to create a buffer zone between moving vehicles and pedestrians. When used in combination with other safety features like reflective signs, protective bollards can help to reduce the incidence of pedestrian injuries and even fatalities.

4. Improve Accessibility for People with Disabilities Through Designated Areas

In order to make your commercial space more accessible for people with disabilities, it is crucial that there are designated spaces and pathways surrounded by protective bollards that ensure the safety of such individuals.

These protective bollards help create safe zones by preventing cars or other vehicles from entering specific areas.

Surface Solutions offers first-rate protective bollards installation services in Pocomoke City to keep your commercial space safe and secure at all times.

If you run a business, safety is likely one of your primary concerns. Our experts work with you to understand which areas require protection from vehicles entering your property and what type of bollard system best suits your needs. Connect with us to receive a custom solution today!