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4 Key Steps To Preparing Your Asphalt Cracks For Filling

Crack filling is the primary method to repair the cracks on asphalt pavement. The filling process eliminates the cracks on the driveway and prevents further deterioration by restoring the pavement to its original condition.

Crack filling is an integral part of the asphalt maintenance routine. Asphalt is a porous material susceptible to cracking, no matter how well the pavement has been installed. These tiny cracks can grow over time, developing into a more significant issue that may require expensive repairs. This is why the crack filling is critical. However, before you call the contractors to repair the cracks, you need to prepare your asphalt surface for the process. Surface Solutions in Seaford, MA, provides expert asphalt repair services for residential and commercial properties.

Here are four essential steps to help you prepare for crack filling.

Dry the Cracks

Ensure that the cracks are dry before initiating the repairs. Since it is essential to keep the cracks dry, you should check the weather forecast before planning the work. Also, check whether the cracks are close to sprinklers or water systems. Turn off all water supply systems if needed.

Remove All Debris

Ensure the cracks and the surrounding areas are clear of any debris. Not removing the vegetation and debris around the cracks can negatively impact the crack filling process as the sealant will not adhere to the pavement properly.

You also need to make sure that your hands are free of dirt before working on crack filling. This will reduce the risk of contaminating small crevices in the pavement.

Crack Measurement

You need to measure the width and length of the cracks (e.g., If your crack measures 12 inches wide by 16 inches long, then it would be written 12′ x 16′). We recommend that you write down this measurement to share with the contractor’s crew.

The width, height, and length of the cracks help determine essential aspects of the crack-filling process. For example, if the cracks are less than 0.5 inches wide, you can repair them using a cold pour crack filler. Cracks between 0.5-2 inches need a hot pour crack filler and hot asphalt crack filler machine. On the other hand, cracks wider than 2 inches need special treatment and a cold asphalt patching for effective repair.

Call the Right Guys

DIY crack-filling may seem straightforward on YouTube videos, but in reality, it is not that simple. There is little room for error in crack-filling, so it is a job better left to the professionals. The right asphalt repair team will repair the cracks quickly, saving you your hard-earned dollars.

Surface Solutions, the premier asphalt maintenance company in Seaford, MA, offers quality crack-filling and asphalt repair services. Get a free estimate for our crack-filling services and restore your asphalt driveway’s original look.